Pet Relocation - International, Domestic & Long Distance

Over the years, our Experts have coordinated countless departures and receptions of animals from all over the world, including Canada’s Northern Territories, all throughout the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, the European Union, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, South America, Africa.... and yes, even war torn countries in the Middle East.

We will walk you through everything that's required to ship your furry loved one, including vaccinations, vet certificates, customs requirements, and more.

When the time comes we can offer boarding services with our partners, so you can move with peace of mind and get settled in to your new home.

We will arrange all the medical exams and paperwork (if required), make certain all the customs requirements are met, and ensure your pet makes the trip as comfortably and stress free as possible.

If you are moving somewhere that doesn't have easy access to an airport, we can arrange local transportation with a reputable contact in the industry.


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Some Requirements & Arrangements that may be required for your Pet's relocation:

- Pre or Post Flight Boarding (Need time to settle in?)
- Quarantine Reservations & Bookings
- Import Permits
- Vet Health Check
- Freight Flight Bookings & Fees (including: Security and Fuel Surcharges)
- On Route Comfort Stops (Is your Pet’s flight time too long?)
- Export & Fit 2 Fly Health Certificates
- Legalization of Documents (Even if Government Endorsed, your documents may need to get legalized for the country you are entering)
- Consular Visits
- Customs Clearance (A broker may be required….let us take care of this for you)
- Customs Fees (&/or Taxes on Pet)
- Airline Terminal Fees
- Delivery to your Personal Residence (Do you have a reliable vehicle for your pet’s size?


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